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Incap was awarded by Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs with Golden Label of Family-Friendly Company

Incap Corporation
Release  18 October 2018


On October 17 at the ceremony at Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs, Estonian Minister of Social Protection, Kaia Iva handed over a Golden Label of Family-Friendly Company to Incap Electronics Estonia. Altogether, 66 Estonian companies applied for the award.

Otto Richard Pukk, President and CEO of Incap Corporation and Managing Director of Incap Electronics Estonia, said that the award received is a great recognition for the company. Also, the development program that company had to participate in, helped to tackle many challenges in the company, according to Pukk. Among all candidates, only 13 received the Label of Family-Friendly company and had to participate in 18 month long program for that.

Even though 82% of companies applied for the in the beginning of the program were active near the capital of Estonia, Incap was the one to bring out the efforts of the company outside the capital, wanting to raise the organizational culture. "All companies who participated in the family-friendly employer program deserve recognition. They have acted in order to take into account the needs of current and future employees and are ready to contribute to their well-being," said Kaia Iva, Estonian Minister of Social Protection. "It is good to see that this year, among the recipients of the label, there are also employers from different regions all over Estonia."

According to Pukk, the Family-Friendly Company program and changes made during it helped the company address a number of challenges. "In our eyes, a family-friendly organization is a place where the employee has a pleasure to come in the mornings and a pleasure to go home from in the evenings. The reality, however, our factory works in shifts and this is a great challenge as we cannot provide as much flexibility as some other organizations," explained Pukk and brought an example of a production line, which doesn't work from home-office. However, during the project of developing the company into a more family-friendly environment, Incap Estonia created many new approaches, which were positively welcomed by the team of Incap Estonia.

In spring of 2017, the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs invited companies to apply for a Family-Friendly Company Label and to join the program designed for this purpose. In order to receive the label, companies chosen to the program had to go through an 18-month development program, during which they were evaluated and consulted on creating family-friendly opportunities and environment in their companies.

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Otto Pukk, President and CEO of Incap Corporation, tel.+372 508 0798


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