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Incap Estonia invites students to apply for a scholarship

incap estonia invites students to apply for a scholarshipIncap Estonia, subsidiary of international electronics manufacturing services company Incap Corporation, invites engineering students to apply for a scholarship with value of EUR 2250.

According to Greg Grace, Managing Director of Incap Estonia, the goal of creating the scholarship is to recognize students who are attaining engineering degree and motivate young people to start their studies in this field. “While our factories in Saaremaa and elsewhere are largely automated, we still need engineers who can set up the robotics and adapt them to the projects,” Grace explained.

In order to motivate young students, Incap Estonia in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) and Saaremaa Municipality, is offering a scholarship of EUR 2250, which will be a one-time payout to the student. Undergraduate students, who are studying at Taltech in the faculty of electrical engineering and mechatronics and have good grades, while fulfilling the required study program can apply for the scholarship. The company also values ​​activity and passion for the profession in choosing the student who will receive the scholarship.

Students can apply for the scholarship until April 12, while the results will be published on May 15 at the latest. The award ceremony will take place on the afternoon of May 27 in the hall of TalTech. Detailed information for applicants is available here.

As an international electronics manufacturer, Incap Corporation offers electronic solutions based on state-of-the-art technology. The company’s production takes place in Estonia, India, the United Kingdom and Slovakia. Part of the company’s team is also based in Helsinki and Hong Kong. The Group employs a total of nearly 1,300 people since the acquisition of its new factories in January and had a turnover of EUR 71 million last year, before acquiring new factories.