Incap provides Efficient Electronics manufacturing services

Our customers want to have their products manufactured at reasonable costs. In order to be competitive, we have to operate with great efficiency without wasting any financial or human resources.

Incap provides Flexible Electronics manufacturing service

The customers’ needs may change very fast, depending on the market demand. Our capacity can easily be adjusted to varying quantities and varying product mixture. Our team is willing to serve the customers in the best way.

Incap provides Agile Electronics manufacturing service

The customer values fast decision-making and a short time to market. Our organization is lean and we can react quickly to the customers’ needs – be it a new product introduction or changes in the manufacture of present products.





From multi-branch company to streamlined EMS provider

We are a globally operating contract manufacturer with factories in Estonia and India, and a sourcing team in Hong Kong. Our headquarters are located in Finland, and our share is listed at Nasdaq Helsinki since 1997. We currently employ approximately 800 people.

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Solutions & Services

PCB Assembly Manufacturing

Comprehensive services in manufacturing of PCB assemblies and in box-build integration.

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Box build assembly

Full system integration solutions to meet the assembly needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers.

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Prototyping & engineering services

Supports prototype projects and new product introduction as part of design validation services.

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Customized solutions

Solutions which meet our varied customer requirements providing flexibility and quick response.

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We’re about quality and trust

Trust is an essential element in contract manufacturing as the customer is giving the fundamental part of its product to our hands.

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