The future growth of Incap builds on the entrepreneurial, agile and customer driven culture of our employees, our flexible operational model as well our deeply engrained cost management mindset. We want to drive consolidation in the industry to benefit from the industry growth potential and to maintain our cost efficiency and long-term profitability in a sustainable way. To continue our strong track record we focus on three key strategic cornerstones:



Our growth is driven by the growing use of electronics and global trends in outsourcing. We will continue to focus on the European as well as the North American and Asia-Pacific markets where we will be agile and capitalize on cross-selling opportunities and broadening of the service offering. We will seek to grow also through M&A activities targeting businesses with good operational and cultural fit.


Maintaining our unique and efficient business model is a key element of our strategy and helps us reach our profitability targets. With strong cost awareness and entrepreneurial culture we will create value add and broaden our service offering to our customers. To support our profitability, we will harvest potential synergies and economies of scale from M&A activities.


Our investments in operational excellence include high quality technology and the know-how of our people. We will continue to work in a decentralized way that motivates our personnel and brings value to our customers. On our growth path, it will be important to successfully integrate acquired businesses while maintaining an operational and cultural fit.