Incap Corporation’s highest decision-making body is the General Meeting of shareholders, which at the invitation of the Board, convenes once a year in an Annual General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting is held within six months after the end of the financial period, generally in April. An Extraordinary General Meeting is arranged on request of shareholders, when the shareholders demanding the handling of a given matter hold no less than 10 per cent of the total number of the company’s shares.

The tasks within the decision-making power of the General Meeting are defined in the Companies Act and Incap’s Articles of Association. The most important matters to be resolved at the General Meeting include amending the Articles of Association, raising the share capital, approving the financial statements, adopting the profit and loss account and balance sheet, deciding on the payment of dividends, confirming the number of members on the Board of Directors, and electing the members of the Board and the Auditors.

The company announces the agenda for the General Meeting in a Notice of Meeting that is published as a stock exchange release and on the company’s website at least 21 days prior to the General Meeting.

At the same time, the company publishes the documents that will be presented to the General Meeting, the proposals of the Board or of another authorised body, the total number of shareholders and votes on the date of the notice as well as eventual items that have been included in the agenda without any proposal for a decision to be made. The information is available on the company’s website at least until the end of the General Meeting.

The minutes of the General Meeting with results of the voting as well as the appendices to the minutes relating to the decisions of the General Meeting will be published on the company’s website within two weeks after the General Meeting. Documents of the General Meeting will be kept on the company’s website for a period of at least five years from the General Meeting in question.

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