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Incap as an investment

Incap’s share is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. as from 1997, when there was a real boom in technology companies getting listed in the Helsinki Exchange. Incap’s share gained special attention in 2007, when the company got truly international after the acquisition of an electronics contract manufacturing business in India.

The shareholder structure of the company is since February 2018 more transparent than previously, as the Finnish shareholders have gained a bigger share of the holdings while at the same time the nominee-registered, foreign holding has decreased.

Today Incap is a profitable, international company with stable operations and good outlook. Based on the positive financial development the company has informed that it is willing to consider also M&A’s as a tool to grow its business further.

The company’s equity ratio has developed very positively. At the same time the company has been investing to plant and machinery, thus maintaining the world-class production machinery and facilities.