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Press release on 30 April 2020

Incap donates a disinfectant tunnel and 1000 grocery kits to locals

Incap Electronics India is taking steps to ensure the safety of its employees during COVID-19 outbreak and has set up a disinfectant tunnel for its employees. At the same time, the company also decided to donate another tunnel to the government and purchased 1000 grocery kits to be distributed to people in the villages to support the local community. 

According to Murthy Munipalli, Managing Director of Incap India, the safety of Incap´s employees is a very high priority for Incap. “While the factory remains in partial lockdown, we have started preparations on a small scale to be ready to ramp up to full speed once the lockdown is lifted. We have sanitizing procedures in place and have necessary equipment available for everyone, such as hand sanitizers, masks, gloves. We have a medical officer in our premises, who will check on our employees and give them advice on how to protect themselves,” said Munipalli.

Incap has also set up a disinfectant tunnel in front of the factory, which will help protect the company's employees against the virus. “In the tunnel, a solution is sprayed to remove any possible virus from clothes, hair, skin and feet. It is an effective and safe way to protect people from catching and spreading the virus,” Munipalli explained. 

Munipalli added that in addition to keeping the employees safe, Incap is also very committed to the local community and wants to take social responsibility in helping the region tackle the coronavirus pandemic. “We decided to donate another disinfectant tunnel to the government and this will be installed at the entrance of a market in Tumkur. And as many people have trouble getting food supplies during the lockdown, we purchased 1000 grocery kits that will be distributed door-to-door in the neighbouring villages,” said Munipalli. 

Governments across the world have taken significant steps to contain the COVID-19 outbreak by restricting the movement of people. In India, the extension of the lockdown has been uncertain and currently it has been extended until 4 May 2020. Incap has started preparations on a small scale to be ready to ramp up to full speed once the lockdown is lifted. 

Incap continues to closely monitor the situation in all its markets and follows the instructions provided by the local governments and health protection agencies. Incap will publish further information about major changes in its factory operations in due course.

For further information, please contact: 
Mr. Murthy Munipalli, Managing Director of Incap CMS Pvt Ltd, tel. +91 98802 31431
Mr. Otto Pukk, President and CEO, Incap Corporation, tel. +372 508 0798


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