Incap Corporation | Press Release | March 18, 2024 at 10:00:00 EET

Incap Slovakia upgraded its second SMT production line, replacing it with advanced SMT machinery. The EUR 891,000 investment increases the factory’s SMT production capacity and supports the planned SMT load increase of more than 45 per cent.

The upgraded SMT line replaces the capacity of two existing SMT lines and has integrated options for automated ERP integration. The total investment of 891,000 EUR in the technology aims to support the expansion of SMT operations and offers the necessary flexibility for handling newly quoted projects.

According to Miroslav Michalik, the Managing Director of Incap Slovakia, this investment has placed Incap Slovakia at the forefront of electronic manufacturing services, ready to capture new business opportunities. “By enhancing our production capabilities, we have not only met but exceeded the evolving demands of our customers, ensuring high-quality, efficient, and flexible manufacturing solutions," explained Michalik.

This upgrade is a key component of Incap Slovakia’s broader technology roadmap, aimed at replacing four existing SMT lines with two new, technologically advanced lines. The benefits of this upgrade are already being realised, including improved SMT operational efficiency, a reduction in the need for skilled technical personnel, enhanced production quality, energy savings, and a stronger appeal to potential customers. 

In 2023, Incap Slovakia expanded its Námestovo factory by 1,200 square metres to support increased production demands, boosting its box build production capacity by over 50 per cent. The upgrade involved converting warehouse areas for production purposes and adding a new materials warehouse.

Incap’s factory in Slovakia, based in Námestovo, provides a competitive-cost volume manufacturing option for customers and a dedicated hall for the automotive business. The factory is experienced in electronics manufacturing since 2008, and it has 6,400 square metres of total floor space to serve customers from global companies with operations in Europe. Incap Slovakia provides specialist, niche PCB assembly, complete product build and electromechanical assemblies.

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