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Press release on 24 May 2019

Incap Electronics Estonia received the bronze award of responsible entrepreneurship

The branch of Incap Corporation, Incap Electronics Estonia, earned a first bronze award at the Responsible Business Forum in Estonia. According to the company, the award was an important recognition and receiving it was a great challenge.

The CEO of Incap Electronics Estonia and the President and CEO of Incap Corporation, Otto Pukk, said that receiving this award is a great honour, as Incap’s team in Estonia has been working consistently to operate responsibly in different fields.

“We have paid more attention to taking into account principles of responsible business in our business strategy in the situation where our growth has been quite rapid,” said Pukk. “We started with daily, but important principles for a manufacturing company, such as creating our own environmental program. We also follow the principles of responsibility in all our other key areas such as providing opportunities for development and flexible working conditions for our employees or developing sustainable solutions for our customers,” Pukk explained.

The CEO of Incap Electronics Estonia brought out that as a company supplying millions of circuit boards, or so-called “brains” of electronic devices, and ready-made products for its customers each year, the managing of packaging materials has to be taken into account early on in the production cycle. As a profit-oriented company, Incap also has to ensure that the manufacturing is based on effective and lean production principles whilst ensuring a safe working environment.

“As a large manufacturing unit, we can never offer the same flexibility as office-based companies – you cannot bring heavy machinery to your home office. However, we still want our employees to be satisfied with their job and therefore we offer family-friendly working conditions and as much flexibility as possible,” Pukk explained, while talking about the specific aspects of industrial companies.

Incap also contributes to bringing the responsible mindset to the whole electronics industry in Estonia. “We have contributed to the development of the electronics industry by training other companies in Saaremaa region, providing mentorship programs to young people interested in engineering, and are also one of the leaders of the Estonian Electronics Industries Association,” Pukk said.

The Responsible Business Forum in Estonia hands out quality awards in the gold, silver and bronze categories. The competition allows companies to analyse the positive impact of their business activities on society, to find ways to increase it and to profit from it as a company.

Incap Electronics Estonia is part of Incap Corporation, which is an international contract manufacturer. Incap's customers are leading suppliers of high-technology equipment in their own business segments, and Incap increases their competitiveness as a strategic partner. Incap has operations in Finland, Estonia, India and China, and the company currently employs approximately 820 people. Incap's share is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. as from 1997. Additional information:


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