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Press release on 14 February 2019

Estonian President visited Incap’s electronics factory in Kuressaare

Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid visited today Incap’s electronics factory in Kuressaare. President stated that Incap is a good example how it is possible to develop a world-class industry outside the capital of a country.

The president was welcomed by Incap’s CEO and President Otto Richard Pukk and almost 100 employees of Incap Estonia. The visit included introduction of the company and discussion of electronics industry development, regional entrepreneurship and tour in production of Incap Kuressaare.

“With the ambition of being on top of technology, at every moment, while making production process as flexible as possible, Incap is a role model for many other production companies. It is especially good to see, that while doing so, the company is also focusing a lot on building up a team and taking care of employees,” was President appreciating Incap’s managers.

Mr Pukk described that President’s visit was a great honor for the company. “Today we have all for moving forward and stay in world class competition: wonderful international team and will to move ambitiously on,” Pukk described. The team he is leading includes around 800 employees from Estonian factory in Kuressaare and office in Tallinn, factory in India, Tumkur, sourcing team in China, Hong Kong, and team members in Finland, Helsinki. Pukk stated that electronics industry is very grateful for this kind of opportunities to introduce the industry and bring them more on the picture in Estonia.

Incap is an international electronics manufacturer, offering high-quality electronics solution produced by the latest technology. Company’s production takes place in Estonia and India, with headquarter in Finland and sourcing team in Hong Kong. China. The group’s revenue for 2018 amounted to EUR 59 million, which was 21.5% more than last year. Net profit for the financial period amounted to EUR 5.8 million. The revenue of the group increased mainly thanks to growing demand from the customers and increasing manufacturing capacity in India as well as efficiency gained from development actions implemented in Estonian factory.

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