Erika is responsible for giving our customers the best service and support. Although her native language is Slovak, Erika enjoys the opportunity to speak English with her customers from other countries. “Our customers are very friendly and I am happy to help them as each project is different and presents unique challenges. I like the new challenges that await me every day. Our company is a bit like a family. My colleagues are supportive and my boss cares about my opinion. We work as a team and help each other to achieve our goals,” says Erika.

Erika Danova_Incap Slovakia
Erika DanovaAccount Manager

William is currently an engineering technician, training to become and engineer in Incap UK. He assists in the maintenance of our surface mount equipment and generating production programmes for them. Before becoming a trainee engineer, William was an apprentice and spent most of his time moving between all the various areas and performing a wide variety of different jobs and tasks. “The team and the atmosphere of the company are second to none and the variation in the work I do is what I like about my work,” says William

William EdgeTrainee Engineer

Sudha takes care of planning and execution of different projects at the Tumkur unit. She is responsible for ensuring on time deliveries and customer satisfaction. Sudha likes the lean hierarchy, fast decision making, and transparency within the functions. “I interact with 3 different clients and have the freedom of decision making pertaining to a few of the key areas. This helps in fulfilling our customer commitments on time because for everyone, time to market is the most valuable thing!” says Sudha. “Incap is an equal opportunity employer and this is reflected in every aspect of work here.”

Sudha Vishnu_Incap India
Sudha VishnuProject Manager

Oscar joined Incap only a few years ago as an intern, and today, he is leading our team of engineers in our Kuressaare factory and makes sure that the coolest prototypes become the most innovative and smart products in the electronics sector. “We create innovative products with state-of-the-art technology, thus helping the customer and his business to grow. The people who work for us have many in-house development opportunities, which will definitely be useful in the future when working in another field,” says Oscar.

Oscar End_Incap Estonia_
Oscar EndNPI manager