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PCB Assembly Manufacturing

We provide comprehensive services in manufacturing of PCB assemblies and in box-build integration. PCB assembly is our core competence – we are equipped with the latest technology machinery to meet the increasing demands of our current and future customers. We focus on high-mix, low/medium-volume production and provide the best benefits to our customers in Industrial Electronics. We have set up to manufacture lead-free PCB assemblies, and our infrastructure is capable to produce RoHS-compliant products with high efficiency.

Our infrastructure

  • Machines and capabilities for SMD & THD board with the latest packaging of QFPs, BGAs, LGAs / QFNs, 01005 chips
  • Flexible line set-up to meet the customers’ specific requirements
  • Automated processes designed specifically for quick change-overs and flexibility
  • Manufacturing and storage area in compliance with ESD protection
  • Conformal coating capabilities
  • Product traceability through graphic interface solution
  • Assemblies as per IPC 610 Class II/Class III standards with IPC certified in-house trainers

Box-Build Assembly

We provide full system integration to meet the assembly needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers. Our team consists of dedicated professionals with comprehensive skills in system assembly and box-build services.

Our infrastructure

  • We have customized lines for box-build, integration, testing and burn-in facility.
  • Value engineering – in cooperation with local suppliers for box-build integration.
  • Total ownership at product level with direct shipment to customer’s site.

Prototyping & Engineering

Incap supports prototype projects and new product introduction as a part of design validation services. Prototyping is one element of the New Product Introduction (NPI), which involves short production runs for testing as well as for design validation and manufacturability.

Assembly and test of prototype products will undergo detailed review providing design feedback and evaluation of quality, documentation and production.

New Product Introduction:

Incap supports NPI in the early stage of the product life-cycle process to assist OEMs to shorten their lead time to market. The efficiency and effectiveness of the NPI process is driven by dedicated teams.

Engineering services:

We contribute to improved product design by early involvement in the design process. We further help improving the manufacturability through Design for Manufacture (DFM) to reduce the number of issues encountered during mass manufacturing.  We also contribute to improved design for testing (DfT).

Key strengths:

  • Approved Vendor List (AVL) and Parts Management – Alternate part suggestions
  • Engineering expertise – Feasibility study
  • Detailed reports for Design and Manufacture (DFM)
  • Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis (PFMEA)
  • Control plans
  • Engineering services for process optimization
  • Test development services

Customized solutions

We offer solutions to meet with our varied customers’ requirements with great flexibility and quick response.

Tester development

Incap supports the customers to launch defect-free products in a short turnaround time. We develop a robust manufacturing test facility with the mix of automated test and inspection methods, which are highly flexible and tailor-made for specific requirements.

Our tests focus on cost-effective test fixtures and set performance in terms of fault coverage and optimized yields. Before execution, we develop and review FMEA evaluations for test plans. Test validation includes identification of potential defect escapes and simulated defects to verify test coverage.

Test technologies:

  • Automated optical inspection
  • Device programmers
  • In-circuit test & manufacturing defect analyzer
  • Functional test – PCBA & box-build
  • High Voltage & Insulation test
  • X-Ray
  • Burn-In chamber

Magnetic assemblies

We have Low Tension Air-cooled type Transformer Manufacturing Facility to serve our internal customers with the capability for design and manufacture with a product range of 1.5 Kva to 3.5 Kva Toroidal Transformer, along with various ferrite core based Common Mode chokes, Differential Mode Input Filter chokes in various geometrics, Rod Core chokes and Drum Core Inductors, which are certified and approved by our internal customers. We are supporting our customers with quick prototyping, enabling to test the products at the initial stage with shortest possible lead time before converting into fully fledged production.

We have CNC Toroidal winding machine, Hook Winder and a suitable test equipment to ensure that the products comply with quality standards and requirements for product traceability.


  • Winding M/C –Jovil Universal – SMC-2E
  • LCR Test
  • High Voltage Insulation Test

Cable and wire harness assemblies

Incap offers cable and wire harness manufacture, having developed duplicate cable assembly operations in both its UK and Slovakia factories, enabling the company to deliver fast turn around, full production run and competitive cost manufacturing services.

Quick turn around cable assembly service, based in Incap factory in the UK reduces lead times for prototype of Fast Track requests to just three-five days. Normal production run work is completed in 15 working days. The setup of a mirror facility in Slovakia can offer serial production cable assembly to our high tech customer base.


  • Mirrored cable assembly operations both in Incap UK and Slovakia factories.
  • Dedicated cabling in Incap Slovakia factory with fully-trained staff, measuring 450m2. The factory manufactures cable assemblies to IPC620 Class 3.