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A significant launch in product design for Incap

Incap Corporation       Press release      21 June 2010


Incap Corporation has signed a partnership agreement with Kenyan Thames Electricals Ltd. According to the agreement, Incap will design and manufacture inverters for the customer, with the first production sets being delivered in August. It is estimated that a total of 5,000 - 8,000 units will be delivered to the customer this year. Later on, the annual revenue from these products is estimated to amount to approximately one million euro. The product is designed by Incap and, in addition to Africa, it is also sold to customers in India under two other brands.

Asia and Africa have a growing demand for this type of devices because they are used for power supply during power failures. The local electrical infrastructure is unstable and the uninterrupted operation of electrical appliances used in households can be secured using inverters. During the first stage, Incap will manufacture 800 VA and 1,400 VA inverters, with the aim of expanding the product family up to 5,000 VA in the following production stage. In addition to the inverters range, Incap will also design and manufacture different variants of voltage regulators and power supply units under a brand owned by Thames Electricals Ltd.

Thames Electricals Ltd is a trading company established in 1980. The company is registered in Nairobi, Kenya, where also its head office is located. It is a market leader in electrical accessories, fittings and equipments, with a special focus area in electrical distribution. The company's main suppliers are Europe and Asia and it represents some of the world's leading brands, selling more than 1.5 million units of products per annum through its large distribution network and retail partners.

For Incap, this agreement is a head start in marketing the company's own products in the emerging markets. The company has grown its design team in India and will continue to strengthen its resources. Currently, a total of 25 designers are working in India, and the objective is to increase the size of the team to 35 designers by the end of the year.

Many of Incap's Indian plant's current customers have become partners with the company through design services from where the services have been expanded to actual volume production through the manufacture of prototypes.

For more information, please contact:
Sami Mykkänen, President and CEO of Incap Group, tel. +358 40 559 9047
Jarmo Kolehmainen, Managing Director, Incap India, tel. +91 99 020 42810
Murthy Munipalli, Vice President (Sales & Marketing), Incap India, tel. +91 98 8023 1431.

Incap Corporation is an internationally operating contract manufacturer whose comprehensive services cover the entire lifecycle of electromechanical products from design and manufacture to maintenance services. Incap's customers are leading equipment suppliers in energy-efficiency and well-being technology, for which the company produces competitiveness as a strategic partner. Incap has operations in Finland, Estonia and India. The Group's revenue in 2009 amounted to around EUR 70 million, and the company currently employs approximately 780 people. Incap's shares are listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Oy. For additional information, please contact

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